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Pillai HOC College of Education and Research, Rasayani is recognised by the NCTE, approved by the Government of Maharashtra and is affiliated to the University of Mumbai.


The college was established in 2010 and has been actively working towards obtaining NAAC accreditation.


To create a rich educational environment that promotes caring, committed and competent teachers to cope with the new challenges in the global context.


To promote excellence in education that inspires and motivates future teachers towards lifelong learning.

About The Institute

Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai HOC College of Education and Research, Rasayani established in 2010 is affiliated to the University of Mumbai, situated amidst lush green and serene environment at Rasayani.

PHCER fosters and nurtures a conducive learning environment with a futuristic outlook at all arenas thereby catering to holistic development. PHCER envisions creating a rich educational milieu that promotes caring, committed and competent teachers to cope with the new challenges in the global context.

The college encourages life-long learning at all spheres of its educational venture. The self motivated staff and the passion for excellence is reflected at the various educational commitments offered at the institution. The building is designed with multifaceted classroom facilities, dynamic virtual classrooms embracing technology at all levels. The spacious and well furnished classrooms enabled with internet facility gives scope to the students connectivity to the global scenarios. The classrooms exhibit free and congenial atmosphere giving ample scope to the students to express their views and enhance group work and group compatibility.

The college has a well equipped centralized student friendly library with an open access system and internet connection. The college offers access to research and development. The college is always at the forefront towards community service through its various activities. A unique blend of our strengths and opportunities gives a wide scope for improvement and enhancement.

The four strong pillars of our Institution are the Management, the competent teaching, the cooperative Non – Teaching staff and the enthusiastic students who help pave way in attaining success.


We believe in individualized attention to the students whose performance has to be improved to be in par with the others. Using a systematic process, mentors and mentees can be more effective and productive in their relationships.

We at PHCER have adopted a four tier mentoring process:
Bridge, Build, Bind and Bond.

Helps in bridging the gap between the mentor and the mentee. It helps them to work in harmony with one another and thereby leading to improvement in the performance of the mentee.

Helps in building a healthy relationship where the mentor and the mentee are able to build a cordial relationship in order to be comfortable before they venture into the tasks to be undertaken and they decide upon common strategies to follow as plan of action.

Helps in binding the mentor and the mentee where the focus is on the development and enhancement of the mentor’s and mentee’s teaching-learning strategies leading to achievement of their goals.

Helps in bonding the mentor and the mentee through a continuous monitoring and evaluation mechanism where the mentor continuously monitors the mentee and evaluates his performance. Based on the evaluation the mentor provides the mentee with a regular feedback so as to improve his performance.


  • To nurture a stimulating learning environment for the student – teachers.
  • To enhance thinking skills leading to lifelong learning.
  • To create a passion for teaching amongst the student teachers.
  • To prepare student- teachers to become global citizens.
  • To provide opportunities for research based activities.


  • Promoting to National Growth and Development
  • Creating a global vision
  • Accountability
  • Cultural respect and sensitivity
  • Encouraging use of technology
  • Foster sustainable living