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Vision and Objectives

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The Alumni Association of MES’s Pillai HOC College of Education and Research in Rasayani is dedicated to the enhancement of teaching competencies among students. It serves as a platform to facilitate interaction between current students and alumni, driven by shared ideals and values. This interaction aims to uplift both present and future alumni by providing support to develop social, emotional, and technical aspects that contribute to a richer teaching and learning experience.

Alumni Committee

  1. Ms. Mamta Patil – President
  2. Ms. Angel Sunder – Secretary
  3. Ms. Vaidehi Joshi – Member
  4. Ms. Pratima Ghegade – Member
  5. Ms. Nikita Patil – Member
  6. Ms. Madhuri Sonkar – Member
  7. Ms. Vandana Tiwari – Member


  • Facilitate connections between current students and alumni.
  • Encourage the exchange of academic, cultural, and social experiences between students and alumni.
  • Mentor and guide students in their pursuit of better learning and growth opportunities.
  • Foster goodwill and a sense of pride among both alumni and students.
  • Provide advice and organize activities to motivate and enhance student skill sets.
  • Collaborate with the institution in planning and executing alumni events.