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Electoral Literacy Club (ELC)

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Welcome to the world of informed and empowered citizens! We are delighted to introduce the Electoral Literacy Club, a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering awareness, understanding, and active participation in the electoral process.

Electoral literacy club ELC was established in January 2021 in MES, Pillai HOC College of Education and Research, Rasayani. The Electoral Literacy Club aims to empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to become informed voters, responsible citizens, and potential leaders who can shape the future of our societies.

Our club provides a safe and inclusive space for learning, discussion, and collaboration on all matters related to elections, governance, and civic responsibilities. We believe that being an active participant in the electoral process goes beyond simply casting a ballot; it entails understanding the nuances of public policy, critically evaluating candidates and their platforms, and staying informed about the broader issues that affect our communities.

As a member of the Electoral Literacy Club, you will have access to a wealth of resources, workshops, and interactive sessions designed to enhance your understanding of the electoral system and democratic principles. Whether you are a first-time voter eager to make your voice heard or a seasoned activist looking to deepen your knowledge, our club offers a supportive community where everyone can learn and grow together.

Through engaging activities and real-world simulations, we strive to foster a culture of electoral literacy and civic engagement. Together, we can create a future where every citizen is equipped with the tools and confidence to actively participate in shaping the destiny of our nations.

Join us in our mission to promote electoral literacy, build a strong democratic foundation, and champion the cause of active citizenship. Together, let’s embark on a journey of empowerment and enlightenment as we navigate the intricate landscape of politics and governance.

Welcome to the Electoral Literacy Club:Let’s make knowledgeable citizens.


  1. To make understand about voting System of Indian Election Commission
  2. To promote Electoral Literacy among Student-Teachers
  3. To Foster Critical Thinking And Informed Decision Making
  4. To enhance Civic Engagement And Responsibility
  5. To develop Leadership And Advocacy Skills
  6. To conduct Voter Registration And Outreach Programs
  7. To organize Simulations And Mock Elections


Our vision for the Electoral Literacy Club at the Teacher Education College is to create a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters a culture of informed, responsible, and engaged citizenship.


To cultivate a community of informed and engaged educators who are passionate advocates for electoral literacy, active citizenship, and democratic values. Through comprehensive education, experiential learning, and collaborative initiatives, we aim to empower our student members with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to become catalysts of positive change in their classrooms and communities.


By implementing this policy, the Teacher Education College aims to establish a vibrant Electoral Literacy Club that empowers students to become well-informed, responsible, and engaged citizens who will shape a brighter and more democratic future for our society. The primary objective of promoting electoral literacy, civic engagement, and democratic values among its student members. The club’s activities shall focus on providing comprehensive education about the electoral process, governance systems, and the importance of active citizenship. The club shall be open to all students of the college who are interested in learning about and advocating for electoral literacy.

  1. Club Leadership and Advisors: The club shall be led by a group of student officers elected annually by the members. These officers shall be responsible for planning, organizing, and coordinating club activities in consultation with club advisors. The college shall appoint faculty members or staff as club advisors to provide guidance and support to the student leadership.
  2. Membership and Participation: Membership in the Electoral Literacy Club shall be open to all registered students of the Teacher Education College, regardless of their academic discipline or year of study. The club shall encourage active participation by organizing meetings, workshops, and events that cater to the diverse interests and schedules of its members.
  3. Educational Activities: The club shall organize educational activities that promote electoral literacy and critical thinking among its members. These activities may include workshops, seminars, guest lectures, debates, and discussions on topics related to elections, governance, and civic responsibilities.
  4. Civic Engagement and Outreach: The club shall actively engage in community outreach programs to promote electoral literacy beyond the college campus. This may include organizing voter registration drives, mock elections, and awareness campaigns in collaboration with local election authorities and other relevant stakeholders.
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships: The club shall seek to establish partnerships with local election commissions, non-governmental organizations, and other institutions that promote democratic values and active citizenship. These collaborations shall enhance the impact of the club’s initiatives and extend its reach in the community.
  6. Use of Technology: The club may leverage technology, including social media platforms and digital resources, to disseminate information, engage with members, and promote its activities. The responsible use of technology shall be guided by the college’s policies and guidelines.
  7. Compliance and Accountability: The club shall operate in accordance with the policies and regulations of the Teacher Education College. All club activities shall align with the college’s mission and values. The club leadership shall regularly report on its activities and progress to the college administration.
  8. Amendment and Review: This policy for the Electoral Literacy Club shall be subject to periodic review and may be amended as necessary by the college administration in consultation with the club officers and advisors. Any proposed amendments shall be communicated to the club members in advance for feedback and discussion.

Composition of ELC (2021)

Mrs. Mamta PatilI/c Principal, PHCERChairperson
Ms. Angel SunderAssistant Professor, PHCERCoordinator
Mr. Rammilan YadavStudent, I B.Ed.Student Representative
Ms. Manali PulipparambilStudent, II B.Ed.Student Representative


  1. Students Council
  2. Voter Day Celebration
  3. Poster Competition
  4. Slogan Writing