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Student Council


Student Council 2015-16

PortfolioStudent In - Charge
General Secretary Anila Reghu
Sports Prasenjit Samanta
Anita Gaikwad
Anupam Yadav
Nikita Waghela
Sunita Rawat
Academics Kiran Kshirsagar

Student Council 2013-14

Portfolio Student In - Charge
General Secretary Ravleen Ahedi
Rupali Kunte
Fiza Khan
Anita Jadhav
SportsChandrashekhar Kumar
Tasneem Tambawala
Jenny Jose

Student Council Report 2011-12

Student council or Student body is a curricular or extra-curricular activity for students within elementary and secondary schools around the world.
The student council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school principals. They often also help school-wide activities, including social events, community projects and school reform.
According to several schools:

“A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.”



  • Attend after college meetings
  • Meet with classmates to discuss ideas and concerns
  • Work at special events
  • Complete an individual service project
  • Serve as a positive role model to other students

Being on Student Council is something that will help our students become responsible and active members of the community.

Purpose of Student Council

  • Promote opportunities for student cooperation in the management of school affairs.
  • Act as an intermediate representative between the student body and the administration.
  • Promote the general welfare of the students through advising the administration in matters concerning curriculum and student privileges.
  • Provide leadership.
  • To serve as a liaison for class activities.

Keeping in mind the functions and the objectives of student council, student council was set in the college. Representatives for the various post were elected. Elections were conducted for the on 30th August, 2011. There were about fifteen students who stood for the election out of which only seven were elected. The students were allocated different portfolios according to their interest and abilities. The students took the oath as student council members on 3rd September, 2011 and promised to discharge their duties by saying the pledge.

The council members decided to meet at regular intervals and discuss curricular and co-curricular activities. The council members rendered help to the staff in all the activities throughout the year.

Constitution of the Student Council for the Academic Year

Dr. Brij Bala Suri , Principal Patron
Ms. Reema Nikalje (Asst.Lecturer) Staff Representative

Student Representatives 2011-12

Name of the Student Portfolio
Darshan Potdar General Secretary, Discipline and overall
Soumiya Menothu Asst. General Secretary, Workshops and Seminar
Ulfat Shaikh Magazine - Hindi section
Priya Sacchan Magazine - Hindi section
Dinesh Ahire Sports and Magazine - Marathi section
Mittal Parmar Co-curricular Activities
Mayuri Jadhav Academics

Activities of the Council

The following specific activities, besides other activities as are deemed fit, were undertaken by the Council:


The Council shall suggest from time to time ideas to improve the academic atmosphere of the University. For this purpose, it will organize debates, quiz, essay competitions, poem writing, extempore presentation, and other extra-curricular activities at the Faculty and University level. Any grievance from students’ side regarding academic matters may also be considered by the Council for its amicable solution.


The Council may suggest the facilities to be provided to the students to improve sports and games activities. The Council shall motivate the students to participate in different sports activities. Any grievance from students pertaining to sports and games may also be looked into by the Council for its timely redressal.

Cultural Activities:

The Council shall help in organizing cultural activities at the Faculty as well as University level. The Council shall motivate the students to participate in different cultural activities.

Students’ Welfare:

The Council shall suggest ways and means for providing financial assistance, special library facilities and hostel accommodation to the needy students.

Health and Hygiene:

The Council shall take care of the medical facilities and address to the grievances for betterment of the health and hygiene conditions of the students.

Law and Discipline:

The Council shall take steps to maintain discipline among the students. It shall consider and attempt to resolve the grievances of the students.

Social Activities:

The Council may suggest from time to time ways and means to promote various social activities by the students in and around the campus such as literacy, cleanliness, health & hygiene and other such activities, which may be deemed appropriate.

The council members actively organised and participated in all activites