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Program Overview

Program Offered

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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)


  • Graduates with minimum 50% for open category and 45% for reserved category from University of Mumbai or from any university recognized by the Mumbai University are eligible for admission, subject to provisional (eligibility) and final eligibility.
  • Graduates with less than 50% from any discipline from Mumbai University or any University recognized by Mumbai University, and minimum teaching experience of two years with a certificate for the same duly endorsed by the Inspector of Education of the local ward are also eligible for admission.

Two Years B.Ed. Programme Overview

Title: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Duration: Two academic years as Credit Based Choice System comprising of four semesters. The B.Ed. Programme shall be of duration of two years, which can be completed in a maximum period of three years from the date of admission to the programme.

A Candidate for the admission to degree of education (B.Ed.) must fulfil the eligibility criteria as per the directives of Government of Maharashtra from time to time.

For the completion of the B.Ed. program the candidate must have:

  1. Attended four semesters of the full time Two year B.Ed. programme spread over a maximum period of three years from the date of admission in a College of Education.
  2. Attendance: The minimum attendance of 80 % for all Theory component work (Part A) and Practicum component (Part B) and 90 % for school internship.
  3. Completed the Practicum component and Internal Assessment assignments of each Theory paper of each semester as certified by the Principal of the Institution in which the candidate is studying.

Internal Assessment comprises of:(All activities should be systematically documented and maintained for the purpose of Internal Assesment)
Semester 1
Assignments, Class test and Essay in each course
Ability Course 1: Critical Understanding of ICT
Project Based Course 1(Community Work one week and Participation in CCA in college)
Semester 2
Assignments, Class test and Essay in each course
Project Based Course 2 (Internship of 3 Weeks)
Semester 3
Assignments, Class test and Essay in each course
Project Based Course 3 (Internship of eleven weeks)
Semester 4
Assignments, Class test and Essay in each course
Ability Course 2: Reading and Reflecting on Texts
Project Based Course 4 (Internship of five weeks including community work and Action Research)

Any one Audit Course (Understanding the Self, Drama and Art in education) will be opted by student in Semester 1 and Certified in Semester 4.

The Candidate should have successfully passed the Theory component of the course in accordance with the University guidelines.

The B.Ed. Programme is designed to develop attitude, skill and knowledge in the Student teachers. The curriculum of 2 years B Ed. programme shall comprise of the following components:

Part A: Theory component includes Core courses, Elective courses and Inter- disciplinary courses.
Part B: Practicum component includes Project Based courses, Ability courses and Audit courses.

Part A: Theory component
(A) Core Courses (CC)
(B) Elective Course (EC)
(C) Interdisciplinary Courses (IC)
Part B: Practicum component
(D) Ability Courses (AB)
(E) Project Based Courses (PC) (F) Audit Courses (AC)
Part A: Theory component

  1. Core courses: These are five courses which are to be studied by a student in two years
    • Childhood and Growing up
    • Knowledge and Curriculum
    • Learning and Teaching
    • Assessment for learning
    • Childhood and Growing up
    • Contemporary India and Education
  2. Elective Course
    Elective course 1 – Pedagogy of School Subject I
    Select any One Course
    i. Commerce
    ii. English
    iii. Economics
    iv. Geography
    v. History
    vi. Hindi
    x. Sanskrit
    xi. Urdu
  3. Elective course 2 – Select any One course from I or II or III
    I) Pedagogy of School Subjects II
    Select any One course – other than in Elective course 1

    xii. Commerce
    xxii. Urdu

    II) Peace Education
    III) Education for Rural Development
    Elective course 3 –
    Special Fields (Select any one)

    1. Action Research
    2. Guidance and Counselling
    3. Environmental Education
  4. Interdisciplinary courses : Four courses , each in semester which are interdisciplinary in nature
    • Gender, School and Society
    • Educational Management
    • Language Across the Curriculum
    • Creating an Inclusive School

Part B: Practicum component

  1. Ability courses: Prime focus is to enhance skill rather than the content, Two courses, it is to be studied in semester 1 and semester 4.
    • Critical Understanding of ICT
    • Reading and Reflecting on Texts
  2. Project Based Courses:
    • Internship
    • Community work (I & II)
    • Action Research
    • Participation in Co-curricular Activities in college
  3. Audit courses: Student has to opt any one, spread throughout the 4 semester, will be certified in 4th semester only, by head of the institution.
    • Understanding the Self
    • Drama and Art in Education

Each student is required to opt for one course from Pedagogy of School Subjects I (Elective Course 1) in Semester 2 which must be with respect to the graduation degree on the basis of which the student is admitted.

Each student is required to opt for any one of the course from Pedagogy of school subject II or Peace education or Education for Rural Development in Semester 3 (Elective Course 2). For Pedagogy courses students should opt for another pedagogy which they must have studied at least one paper at their Graduation /Post graduation.